Apr 10

Keep Eyes From Radiation

Did you know that the influence of the computer and the radiation emitted by the monitor screen can interfere with eye health? Do not take for granted about this because you have to take care of the most important senses are at work in front of a screen.

Keep Distance
Give more attention to the distance between the eyes and provided a computer screen. Use in a long time coupled with other side effects will hinder morale. Do not get too close to the monitor screen, but should preferably sit in the ideal working conditions for a minimum distance of 75 centimeters to the eye.

Take into account the amount of lighting required to illuminate a room light. Do not work in a room that is too bright as it can be dazzling. In addition, avoid working in the space too dark or cloudy eyes due to it would be tiring if you work too hard.

Filter Screen Monitor
Wise step to combat Radiation rays from further ‘spread’ is to use the monitor screen filter. This filter is able to reduce glare, thus helping your eyes to see clearly without any interference radiation.

Over view
When visibility is too focused on short range in rates that are too long, you should have turned their attention towards the far every 30 minutes. In addition to ease eye strain, you will also reduce the strain on the neck and some other parts of the body.

Fonts & Zoom
Modify the way you work. For example, for you who regularly use Microsoft Office software such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, work with a large enough font or use the zoom settings so you see the writing on the monitor screen more clearly. You should not force your eyes to read the small print.

Eye lift
What’s wrong rest your senses to see you for a while. There are various ways for relaxing your eyes. Closed or blink your eyes for a moment to make moist and not dry. Light exercise is intended to remove the stress that is focused on this primary senses.

Check your glasses or contact lenses are worn intervals while. If you have not noticed that the power (power) that have changed kelongsongnya sleeved together then you would indirectly force the eyes to work harder than usual to look.