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Escort Passport Max 2 radar detector review: Escort

Date de publication: 2019-11-27 18:46

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Le constructeur allemand dont nous avons déjà eu l’occasion de tester à plusieurs reprises les produits revient pour proposer deux répéteurs Wi-Fi qui ont pour nom : FRITZ!Repeater 6755 et FRITZ!Repeater 655.

Escort Passport Max2 Exterior Case Replacement - Tutoriel

Editor's note: This review has been updated to include mention of the Escort Passport Max 7's ability to eliminate repeated false radar detection hits.

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The device used its voice alerts to warn me about red-light cameras, accurately calling out intersections as I approached. The app also showed icons on a map screen for these locations. As one drawback, the Passport Max 7 called out red-light cameras for surface streets when I was merely passing near or over them on a freeway.

On the road, the Passport Max 7 sounded off with a noisy alert for every radar hit it got, similar to radar detectors of old. At the same time, a meter on the device's display showed bars indicating the strength of the signal. When approaching a radar detector, the audible alert gained frequency, but also lowered its volume automatically so as not to be annoying.

Avec ce nouveau modèle, Escort repousse encore un peu plus les limites des détecteurs radars en intégrant le Bluetooth à son dernier détecteur le « PASSPORT Max7 ».

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However, I saw many obvious false hits from the Passport Max 7. In one 65 minute stretch of driving on city streets, the Passport Max 7 got seven hits, some duplicates, of both K and X band, which I assume were errant signals bouncing around the buildings. Escort informs me that the Passport Max 7 incorporates learning behaviors to eliminate false hits, using its GPS to determine if a radar signal always comes from the same location. After repeated passes, the radar detector will stop calling out those hits that it determines are false.

Sometimes the outer case of the device can become cracked or damaged. This guide will show you how to remove the outer case.

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However, it seems needlessly bulky. For design, I like the Cobra iRadar Atom better, which relies on its associated app as the alert interface.

As a useful part of the Escort radar detector system, the associated app includes crowdsourced data and gives a more visual representation of data from the Passport Max 7. The app includes map locations for radar hits and red-light cameras, and also lets you report speedtrap locations. Even more convenient, the Passport Max 7 automatically reports its radar hits through the app to the crowdsourced database, letting other drivers know about speed traps.

Escort includes a suction-cup mount that fits both on the windshield or smooth dashboard mount's hinge only moves vertically, with limited range.

La particularité de ce détecteur de radar Bluetooth est de communiqué avec votre smartphone et l’application « ESCORT Live ».

In one example, which proved to me the efficacy of the detection, I was following a box truck in the right lane of a freeway, and had little visibility of the road ahead. The Passport Max 7 sounded off with a K-band radar hit, and its audible and visual alerts showed increasing strength as I drove. After about a mile of driving, the source of that radar hit became apparent, a highway patrol office parked on the side of the road.