8 tips to find and choose the perfect wedding dress

8 tips to find and choose the perfect wedding dress
At last! Start the search for the wedding dress, the one with which you have dreamed a lot of time.

When you go in search of the perfect dress, even if you are not sure how it will be, there is something that is certain, you want a spectacular, unique design with which to enhance that beauty that characterizes you.

At Expo Tu Boda you can find that dress that will click you just by looking at it, because you find a wide variety of options, and better yet, you can try on the moment, how much dress you like! But how to perform that search?

Do not worry! Because we give you 8 infallible tips so you can find the ideal wedding dress at Expo Tu Boda, chew it up in detail!

1. Let yourself be carried away by your heart.

Attend the runways of Expo Tu Boda, there parade the most prestigious bridal houses in the city, with seasonal collections. You will fall in love with more than one, it’s normal! Just write down the names of the bridal houses or designers, go with them and when you try them, let yourself be carried away by the one who most beats you, the one who raises sighs and with whom you feel comfortable and happy

2. Do not go with many companions.

It is common to invite your mother, friend or family to accompany you to choose the dress, just remember that there are no more than two people, because the idea is to support you and help you decide, remember, more than 3 are a crowd !

3. Be yourself.

Consider that the people who accompany you to choose and buy your wedding dress, they can only give you their opinion, maybe considering their tastes but not yours. So, the final decision should be exclusively yours, it will help you choose a dress that represents you, that is, where you are yourself, with your tastes, styles and essence.

4. Choose a cut and color that suits you.

Nowadays there is not only variety in styles, cuts and necklines, but also in color. Choose considering your body type, but also the color you like most, be it white, ivory, light blue, blush, pink or other.

5. Choose comfort and quality.

The important thing when choosing your dress is that you feel 100 percent comfortable, consider that you will have many unforgettable hours, hence the importance of choosing a design with which you feel and look good. You should also check that it is of good quality, that is why it is important to go with the experts of Expo Tu Boda, where you find suppliers of prestige, good service and quality.

6. Try it, walk and move.

When you try on the dresses, it is important that you walk with him, that you feel, that you jump, that you dances, in short, that you realize how much movement you think you could do during your wedding, in this way you will be able to detect if it is the ideal dress.

7. Go to the tests.

Once you have chosen the perfect dress, they will have to make adjustments, this is normal, so do not miss any of them so that your dress fits your needs, remember to take your shoes to the tests so that they can measure the height.

8. Enjoy the selection process.

And the essential, as every stage in the organization of your wedding, is that you enjoy the moments. The choice of dress is a shower of positive emotions that will make you one of the happiest brides, so live the experience!

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